The Norwegian Soloists´ Choir regularly holds auditions. Information regarding this will be published here and on Facebook. 

The motive powers behind the activities of The Norwegian Soloists’ Choir consist of high musical standards, a strong awareness of tradition, and an equally strong musical inquisitiveness. The members of the Norwegian Soloists’ Choir are professionally trained, hand-picked singers all of whom are potential soloists in their respective genres. The choir engages twenty-six singers on time-limited contracts, a model which allows the number of singers to be varied according to the repertoire of a particular project. This gives both flexibility and stability and permits the choir to achieve its overall object at all times: the best possible musical results.

The Norwegian Soloists’ Choir is organized as a foundation with administration in Oslo. The choir engages 26 highly trained singers through 2 years mutual loyalty agreements. Artistic director is Grete Pedersen. Activities are conducted on project-basis and the singers are engaged and remunerated for each project according to the required number of singers and duration of the project.

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