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Start:February 1 @ 18:00
Venue: Store Studio
Bjørnstjerne Bjørnsons Plass 1
Oslo, 0340 Norway

‘Coro’ (1974-76) is considered one of Luciano Berio’s masterpieces.

The Italian composer Luciano Berio is known for his highly original and fascinating way of writing music. ‘Coro’ is written for 40 singers and 40 instrumentalists with the singers standing among the orchestra – breaking the conventional idea of orchestra and choir as separate entities.
“Any list of the greatest music composed since the second world war would have to find a place for Coro”. The Guardian.
Throughout Coro, different combinations of musicians and singers are featured as small groups. Furthermore, singers and musicians of the orchestra are distributed across the stage in an arrangement specifically set out by Berio in his score. Conductor: Grete Pedersen.
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