Recordings 1990 – 2012

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As dreams: Nørgård, Lachenmann, Janson, Saariaho, Xenakis
BIS Records, 2016, BIS-SACD-2139

Meins Lebens Licht: Bach – Nystedt
BIS Records, 2015, BIS-SACD-2184

Rós – Songs of Christmas

BIS Records, 2013, BIS-SACD-2029

Refractions: Choral Works by Valen, Berg, Messiaen, Webern
(BIS Records, 2013, BIS-SACD-1970) Listen!

Im Herbst: Choral Works by Brahms and Schubert
(BIS Records, 2011, BIS-SACD-1869) Listen!

White Night: Impressions of Norwegian Folk Music
(BIS Records, 2010, BIS-SACD-1871) Listen!

Edvard Grieg: Choir Music
(BIS Records, 2007, BIS-SACD-1661) Listen! 

Telling what is told: Shakespeare songs
(Simax, 2006, PSC 1298)

Sigurd Islandsmoens Requiem
(2L, 2006, 2L36SACD)

Voices and drums: Music by Håkon Berge
(MTG, 2003, MTG CD 77223)

(Aurora, 2003, ACD 5022)

Himmelrand: Millennium Oratorio by Ketil Bjørnstad
(BMG, 1999, LC 0316)

(Simax, 1999, PSC 1134)

Song for Winter: Works by Bjørn Kruse
(Aurora, 1998, ACD 5000)

From the Sweet-Scented Streams of Eternity
(Simax, 1998, PSC 1134)

Recordings 1950 – 1990

(These recordings are not available in our webshop.)


40 år med Det Norske Solistkor: Anniversary record 1950-1990
(Victoria, VCD 19022)
Fra norsk landskap: Works by Ø. Sommerfeldt
(Aurora, ARCD 1935)
Knut Nystedt: Das Alte Lied, A Hymn of Human Rights
(Aurora, NCD – B 4958)


40 år med Det Norske Solistkor: Anniversary record 1950-1990
(Victoria, VCD 19021)
Toner julenatt: Assorted Christmas Carols
(Kirkelig Kulturverksted, FXLP 24)
The Norwegian Soloists Choir: Contemporary church music, Arnestad, Hovland, Lunde, Nystedt, Sandvold, Kvandal
(Philips 6578.108)
Knut Nystedt: A Hymn of Human Rights
(Norsk Musikkprod., AR 1912)
Knut Nystedt: O crux, De profundis
(Norw. Composers, NC 4911)
Knut Nystedt: Suoni, Audi, Das Alte Lied
(Norw. Composers, NC 4901)
Gunnar Sønstevold: A litany at Atlanta
(Norw. Composers, NC 4929)
Gunnar Sønstevold: Litani i Atlanta
(Norw. Composers, NC 4908)
Conrad Baden og kirkerommet: Pangue Lingua, Trøst mitt folk
(Kirkelig kulturverksted, NKLP 10)
Eivind Groven: Margit Hjukse, Brudgommen
(Philips 838.055/056 AY)
Det Norske Solistkor: French and russian madrigals, Nystedt, Lie, Beck, Groven, Sommerfeldt
(Sonet, SLP 1444)
Det Norske Solistkor: Works by Grieg, Nystedt, Kodaly, Purcell, Stanford, Poulenc
(Sonet, SLP 1423)
Det Norske Solistkor: Grieg: 4 salmer, works by Egge, Sæverud, Lammers, Sommerfeldt
(Philips, 854.001 AY)
Det Norske Solistkor: Profane and sacred works by Nystedt, Beck, Groven, Monrad Johansen, Kvandal m. fl.
(Philips, 839.235 NY)
Det Norske Solistkor: Christmas carols from many countries
(Ansgar, LP-ANS 25-1)
David Monrad Johansen: Voluspaa
(Philips 854.002 AY)
Contemporary Music from Norway: Nystedt: Lucis creator optime Resurrexit, Pia Memoria
(Philips, 6507 061)
Contemporary Music from Norway: Sløgedal: Antiphona de morte
(Philips, 854.000 AY)


Christmas Carols: Christmas carols from Germany, USA, France, Norway
(Pia-Tone, PI 2)
Det Norske Solistkor 20-års jubileum: Works by Nystedt, Lammers, Egge, Sommerfeldt
(NCB, T 111.607)
Gud signe Noregs land: Works by Lindeman, Borg, Reissiger
(Ansgar, EPANS 57)
Mesterverker fra vokalpolyfoniens gullalder: Sweelinck, Lotti, Schütz
(Ansgar, EPANS 18)
Negro spirituals: arr. Nysted, Shaw, Work
(Ansgar, EPANS 17)
Norske evangelie-motetter: Works by Hovland, Nystedt, Sløgedal
(Ansgar, EPANS 16)
Det Norske Solistkor: Works by Grieg and Nystedt, folk songs
(Triola, TNEP 1053)
The Norwegian Soloists Choir: Works by Grieg, Kjerulf
(RCA, REP 355)