The Norwegian Soloists' Choir has a number of critically acclaimed albums and distinctions to its credit. The Choir's most recent recordings are all available on streaming services. Please search for "The Norwegian Soloists' Choir" or "Det Norske Solistkor". Please get in touch if you would like to order CDs.

Recordings with Grete Pedersen as conductor:


The Wind Blows – Music for choir by Alfred Janson
BIS Records, 2018, BIS-2341 SACD


Bach – The Motets
BIS Records, 2017, BIS–2251 SACD


As Dreams: Nørgård, Lachenmann, Janson, Saariaho, Xenakis.
BIS Records, 2016, BIS-SACD-2139


Meins Lebens Licht: Bach – Nystedt

BIS Records, 2015, BIS-SACD-2184


Rós – Songs of Christmas
BIS Records, 2013, BIS-SACD-2029

Refractions: Choral Works by Valen, Berg, Messiaen, Webern
BIS Records, 2013, BIS-SACD-197


Im Herbst: Choral Works by Brahms and Schubert
BIS Records, 2011, BIS-SACD-1869

White Night: Impressions of Norwegian Folk Music
BIS Records, 2010, BIS-SACD-1871


Edvard Grieg: Choir Music
BIS Records, 2007, BIS-SACD-1661


Telling what is told: Shakespeare songs

Simax, 2006, PSC 1298

Sigurd Islandsmoens Requiem
2L, 2006, 2L36SACD


Voices and drums: Music by Håkon Berge
MTG, 2003, MTG CD 77223

Aurora, 2003, ACD 5022


Himmelrand: Tusenårsoratoriet av Ketil Bjørnstad
BMG, 1999, LC 0316


Simax, 1999, PSC 1134

From the Sweet-Scented Streams of Eternity
Simax 1998, PSC 1134

Recordings with Knut Nystedt as conductor:


40 år med Det Norske Solistkor: Jubileumsplate 1950-1990
Victoria, VCD 19022

Fra norsk landskap: Verk av Ø. Sommerfeldt
Aurora, ARCD 1935

Knut Nystedt: Das Alte Lied, A Hymn of Human Rights
Aurora, NCD – B 4958


40 år med Det Norske Solistkor: Jubileumsplate 1950-1990
Victoria, VCD 19021

Toner julenatt: Diverse julesanger
Kirkelig Kulturverksted, FXLP 24

The Norwegian Soloists Choir: Nyere kirkemusikk, Arnestad, Hovland, Lunde, Nystedt, Sandvold, Kvandal
Philips 6578.108

Knut Nystedt: A Hymn of Human Rights
Norsk Musikkprod., AR 1912

Knut Nystedt: O crux, De profundis
Norw. Composers, NC 4911

Knut Nystedt: Suoni, Audi, Das Alte Lied
Norw. Composers, NC 4901

Gunnar Sønstevold: A litany at Atlanta
Norw. Composers, NC 4929

Gunnar Sønstevold: Litani i Atlanta
Norw. Composers, NC 4908

Conrad Baden og kirkerommet: Pangue Lingua, Trøst mitt folk
Kirkelig kulturverksted, NKLP 10

Eivind Groven: Margit Hjukse, Brudgommen
Philips 838.055/056 AY

Det Norske Solistkor: Franske og russiske madrigaler, Nystedt, Lie, Beck, Groven, Sommerfeldt
Sonet, SLP 1444

Det Norske Solistkor: Verk av Grieg, Nystedt, Kodaly, Purcell, Stanford, Poulenc
Sonet, SLP 1423

Det Norske Solistkor: Grieg: 4 salmer, verk av Egge, Sæverud, Lammers, Sommerfeldt
Philips, 854.001 AY

Det Norske Solistkor: profane og kirkelige verk av Nystedt, Beck, Groven, Monrad Johansen, Kvandal m. fl.
Philips, 839.235 NY

Det Norske Solistkor: Julesanger fra mange land
Ansgar, LP-ANS 25-1

David Monrad Johansen: Voluspaa
Philips 854.002 AY

Contemporary Music from Norway: Nystedt: Lucis creator optime Resurrexit, Pia Memoria
Philips, 6507 061

Contemporary Music from Norway: Sløgedal: Antiphona de morte
Philips, 854.000 AY


Christmas Carols: Julesanger fra Tyskland, USA, Frankrike, Norge
Pia-Tone, PI 2

Det Norske Solistkor 20-års jubileum: Verk av Nystedt, Lammers, Egge, Sommerfeldt
NCB, T 111.607

Gud signe Noregs land: Verk av Lindeman, Borg, Reissiger
Ansgar, EPANS 57

Mesterverker fra vokalpolyfoniens gullalder: Sweelinck, Lotti, Schütz
Ansgar, EPANS 18

Negro spirituals: arr. Nysted, Shaw, Work
Ansgar, EPANS 17

Norske evangelie-motetter: Verk av Hovland, Nystedt, Sløgedal
Ansgar, EPANS 16

Det Norske Solistkor: Verk av Grieg og Nystedt, folketoner
Triola, TNEP 1053

The Norwegian Soloists Choir: Verk av Grieg, Kjerulf
RCA, REP 355

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