The members of the Norwegian Soloists’ Choir are professionally trained, hand-picked singers all of whom are potential soloists in their respective genres. The choir engages twenty-six singers on time-limited contracts, a model which allows the number of singers to be varied according to the repertoire of a particular project.

This gives both flexibility and stability and permits the choir to achieve its overall object: the best possible musical results.


Camilla Wiig Revholt

Ingeborg Dalheim

Ditte Marie Bræin

Magnhild Korsvik

Ingrid Margitte Narvesen

Karen Mathilde Heier Hovd

Ragnhild Thu Austnaberg


Astrid Sandvand Dahlen

Mari Askvik

Marianne Bye Granheim

Marian Dijkhuizen

Frida Lund-Larsen


Kristian Krokslett

Håvard Gravdal

Øystein Stensheim

Robert Lind

Paul Kirby

Masashi Tsuji


Halvor Festervoll Melien

Olle Holmgren

Peder Arnt Kløvrud

Svein Korshamn

David McCune

Jan Kuhar

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