Jordens sang:
Opening concert Ultima 2021

A gigantic hymn of praise and prayer of hope for our beloved, fragile planet.

A gigantic prayer for planet Earth

Composer and conductor Rolf Gupta has attempted to composer the entire life cycle of Earth in this monumental and highly charged extended work for orchestra and voices.

Jordens Sang (Earth’s Song) was commissioned by and premiered at Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra’s centenary in 2019. From absolute nothingness and void, to the Big Bang and the miracle of nature, the massed orchestral and choral forces of the Oslo-Filharmonien, Conductor Peter Szilvay, star Norwegian soprano Caroline Wettergreen, Det Norske Solistkor and Solistkoret Uung, combine to sound out a cosmic perspective on the past and future of our precious home in the universe.

The lyrics are taken from thousands of years of spiritual texts and poems, from the ancient scrolls of the Rig Veda and Bhagavad Gita to the romantic verse of Friedrich Schiller.

Gupta’s music evokes states of existence that have not yet found form, and draw on all the textural powers of the orchestra and the range of human vocal expressivity. Earth’s Song is a gigantic prayer for the planet, reflecting on the wonder and joy of creation as well as its fragility.


Caroline Wettergreen

- She has as sparkling apperance and world class top notes. Leif Ove Andsnes (In the jury for Eqvinor's scholarship for classical music 2018). The young and upcoming soprano Caroline Wettergreen studied at The Norwegian Academy of Music, Norway and the Opera Academy in Copenhagen, Denmark. Already as a freshman, she made her debut at The Norwegian Opera&Ballet, as Adelaide in «Lulu», directed by Stefan Herheim.

The Oslo Philharmonic

The Oslo Philharmonic is a symphony orchestra of international renown. It was formed in 1919 and today has 108 musicians in its ranks. The Oslo Philharmonic plays between 60 and 70 concerts in Oslo each year, mostly at Oslo Concert Hall, but also at several other venues. The orchestra has a broad symphonic repertoire, plays with internationally acclaimed soloists and conductors and regularly tours in Norway and abroad. The Oslo Philharmonic consists of 108 musicians and an administration of 20. Vasily Petrenko is the orchestra´s chief conductor with a contract until 2020.

The Norwegian Soloists' Choir

The Norwegian Soloists' Choir is an innovative young ensemble, steeped in a rich history. As one of Europe's leading chamber choirs, they perform spectacular concerts in Norway and abroad, in concert halls and churches, in caravans and in abandoned factory venues. The Norwegian Soloists' Choir consists of 26 hand-picked, professional singers who have a tremendous ability to blend their voices, resulting in a highly distinctive choral expression. Along with its celebrated artistic leader Grete Pedersen, the choir achieves ambitious artistic goals through constant development.

Solistkoret Ung

Solistkoret UNG will be formed of the future’s ensemble singers. After auditioning, 12 singers aged between 18-26 has been chosen as participants in this talent programme giving them unique educational opportunities together with professional musicians. Solistkoret UNG is a multi-year initiative made possible by Talent Norge and Sparebankstiftelsen DNB.

Conductor Peter Szilvay

Peter Szilvay studied at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo. He was conductor in residence with the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra in the period 1998-2000, and he won the Norwegian competition ‘Conductor of the Year’ in 1998, followed by Mariss Jansons’ invitation to serve as his assistant with the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra. Szilvay has worked with orchestras such as St. Petersburg Philharmonic as well as Scandinavian symphony orchestras and the leading Norwegian orchestras.

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