Tickets for the Christmas concert


Are you wondering how to buy a ticket to this year’s christmas concert? We have gathered together some information that we hope can make it easier for you.

First you have register an account with Streamy:

1. Go to
2. Click on the green button in the top right corner: “Login/Register”
3. Register as a new user

When you have been registered you can buy a ticket to Soloistchoir’s christmas concert:

1. Click here:
2. Click on the blue button: “Buy tickets”
3. Choose the appropriate payment method and buy your ticket

You will then receive a confirmation email from Streamy saying that you have purchased your ticket to Soloistchoir’s christmas concert. Please follow instructions in the email to watch the concert on Saturday 5th December at 7pm.

We remind you that you must be logged in with your Streamy account in order to watch the concert. We recommend that you log in before the concert so you are ready for when the broadcast starts.

The concert can be viewed here at 7pm:

Enjoy the concert!

The concert is available for one week after the broadcast and you can watch it again as many times as you like.

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