Solistkoret Ung & conductor Yuval Weinberg

Welcome to Solistkoret Ung and Yuval Weinberg's Spring Concert!

French expressions and a fascinating love triologi

Love, passion, war and sorrow: French composes have expressed these complex emotions in their own unique way. This will be the focus of Solistkoret Ung and conductor Yuval Weinberg’s Spring Concert this April.

"This piece should work like a love potion", said French composers Olivier Messiaen about his very popular and advanced Cinq Rechants - quoting stories from myths, fairy-tales and folk stories.

Cinq Rechants is an ultimate vocal expression of passion, sexuality and fear. The text is based on a mix of French and a made up language that the composer created because he could not find words that would express the strong feelings he wanted to convey.

We will find the same emotions in the renaissance French Chansons by composers such as Clément Janequin and Josquin de Prez. They belonged to a group of composers who not only composed church music, but also music that was supposed to bring pleasure to its performers.

The music of the romantic composer Camille Saint-Saëns expresses all of these in a very different way. Solistkoret Ung and Yuval Weinberg will explore how this genre developed and change throughout the centuries.

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