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The Norwegian Soloists´Choir in recording of the National Anthem on assignment from the National Broadcasting Coorporation (NrK). Photo: Erik Dyrhaug

The Norwegian Soloists´ Choir holds auditions for Soprano and Bass 2 positions (2 years mutual loyalty agreement). Activities are conducted on project-basis and the deputy singers are engaged when we need substitutes to our regular singers, and are remunerated for each project according to the required number of singers and duration of the project. The auditions take place in Oslo on April 27 and 28. Application deadline: March 15. Continue reading


Festivals, anniversary and CD launch

The Norwegian Soloists’ Choir has a busy festival season ahead with concerts being held at festivals both at home and abroad, the release of a CD and the celebration of Knut Nysted’s 100th anniversary. Continue reading


Music to challenge and move you

Third concert in the newly launched Oslo Series is held in Oslo University Hall on Saturday 18 April at 19:30. This anniversary concert celebrates that Grete Pedersen has been the conductor and artistic leader of the Norwegian Soloists’ Choir for 25 years. Continue reading